What Do You Need for a Good Painting Estimate?

If you want to compare your painting estimates, you need to get the same information from each contractor submitting bids. The quality of the workmanship and your satisfaction over time will be affected by variable that you should explore with each bidder. Consider your expectations and priorities for the job first.

What is most important to you? Are you wanting the painting completed for your daughter’s wedding reception? If so, ‘on time completion’ may be an extremely important consideration. What are the other variables that could affect that? If it is an exterior job – the weather is one.

Tell the contractor to have him include ideas for making sure the job in completed on time. If the contractor is a solopreneur, does he have a backup plan for illness or family emergencies that he can assure you that the job will be completed on time? Take time to think about your priorities and needs and make sure they are addressed in every bid you receive. Aside from your individual preferences and needs, the job will dictate specifics that should be addressed:

The Quality of the Painter

Take a look at previous samples of the work. This is a good sign of the type of quality you will gain for your order. Are you happy with the samples? Is there something that isn’t quite right? Do the samples vary over time – newer samples should be better than the older ones as experience grows. Compare the samples with other bidders to find the best one for your needs and expectations.

Views from Previous Customers

While looking at samples is beneficial, how do you know they met the customers’ expectations? It is important to make sure each bidder is offering a great value for money, especially if you are considering the more expensive options available. Ask for testimonials from previous customers – good painters will have them and will be willing to share them with you.

It is also worth doing checks online for reviews into the painters you are considering. This helps you find the bad comments as well as the good, something that testimonials will miss out. It gives you a better idea as to whether the painter lived up to expectations and gave the best value for money. You may like the samples but this is a great way to make sure the person ordering them liked them too!

Finding a good painter takes time and there are a lot of considerations to make. Think about your needs before you start setting out a list of questions for the bidders to answer.